Passion Atlanterra is an original equestrian ballet created from choreographed interpretations of English and Western dressage combined with live music, dance, and flamenco. Manolo Carrasco has brilliantly combined these three elements: music, dance, and horses to bring us the magic of his land, Andalusia.This event is not just a portrayal of Andalusian passion it also represents the joy and color of Southern culture. Passion Andaluza is a show for the entire family to enjoy as they marvel at the charm of equestrian dance. What makes this performance unique is that the music is live.The musical pieces of Passion Andaluza have been composed by Manolo Carrasco who is also the creator of the music for the Real Escuela de Arte Ecuestre de Jerez.As director, composer and pianist of this performance he has done a magnificent job of fusing all of its components to create the perfect harmony and symmetry required to showcase the art of dressage during the show.This event is currently touring the world and this year visits the major cities of Spain.

Music fusion of flamenco and piano

A unique equestrian show and for the first time on the beach of Atlanterra.

El día
    6 de Septiembre

With the flamenco music fusion of the pianist and composer

Manolo Carrasco

18:00H en el Real de la Feria de Tarifa

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Atlanterra Inmobiliaria organizes this event and is the main sponsor of this wonderful performance
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