Few are aware that this amazing place currently known as Urbanización Atlanterra was born in 1962 thanks to thepioneering spirit of Atlanterra SA. A visionary real estate development company, of Swiss German origin, that urbanised the area following a code of conduct of utmost environmental respect and awareness at a time when barely anyone had even heard of sustainable development. From the dedication and inspiration of these dreamers emerged what is today the epitome of lifestyle, distinction, luxury, and exclusiveness. Urbanización Atlanterra is all this and more. Our trademark realty has grown, developed, and transcended in such a way that the seed of that original idea still remains today.

Now, like always, we are committed to excellence, to customised service, and to upholding the trust our clients place in us with each project. With the same enthusiasm as when we began more than fifty years ago, with the experience we have garnered after building more than one hundred luxury residences, and with the same dedication as the first day. ADVISING, DESIGNING, DEVELOPING, AND CONSTRUCTING PARADISE. Always in harmony with our natural surroundings, we try to bring heaven a little closer to earth each day.

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